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Head Rest System

Titanium Head Positioning System

evo_BASE. is the innovative head support system for neurosurgical operations. Now we have thought it over and optimized it even further. The sophisticated, consistently functional design opens up new technical possibilities for a more comfortable and efficient work. Thus, for example, the sprocket with 90 instead of the previously 40 tooth jaws allows a more accurate adjustment of the skull position. With the help of torque meters, the fixing pins can be adjusted sensitively and optimally. And the easy-to-remove snap lock ensures absolute safety during the operation.

We could not improve the material itself: titanium gives the system an aesthetic surface, maximum corrosion resistance and strength - and compared to other materials in the entire cleaning and maintenance process is also much cheaper. This is how evo_BASE. makes it possible that Neurosurgeons work more efficiently - and clinics more economically.

Three pins and a torque meter for more sensitivity
Safe, because sensitive: Three adjustable pins allow more accuracy in fixing the patient's head. A torque meter in the screw ensures that the skull is fixed as gently as possible and the pressure is not too high.

A knob for operation and safety
Evo_BASE. offers a novel and unique tension lock. absolute safety during the operation. The patient is securely, easily and accurately fixed. The simple removal of the knob reliably prevents the system from unintentionally opening during the operation.

90 instead of 40 tooth jaws for more precision
With 90 instead of the conventional 40 tooth jaws the skull of the patient can be brought into position more comfortable and exact. Because the tooth jaws are made of high-strength, wear-free steel, this will also save costs in the long term