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Cranial Fixation System

Technical intelligence for the head

evo_FIX is a new and innovative system specially developed for neurosurgery. It consists of micro-plates, meshes and compatible 1.5 mm screws. It is quick and easy ready for use due to a specially designed storage tray and suitable instruments.

evo_FIX titanium implants (plates) are made of pure titanium in implant quality according to DIN ISO 5832-2, DIN 17850 and ASTM F 67. evo_FIX screws are made of titanium alloy (TI-6AI-4V) according to DIN ISO 5832-3, DIN 17851 and ASTM F 136a.

evo_FIX. Plates

evo_FIX offers a wide range of various geometries of plates covering the most common bone defects and fractures of the cranium. Thanks to the special evo_FIX design the plates match perfectly to the shape of the head. Hence, bulging of the plates whilst bending it to the individual shape can be avoided. Consequently, the patient doesn’t face any annoyance caused by the plates.