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Retraction System

Single use Soft Tissue Retraction System

The evo_FRAME system was developed specifically for smaller indications and is utilized in various specialist fields. With its specially-developed joints, the evo_FRAME can be individually adapted to specific anatomical conditions and is stabilized with the aid of two opposing hooks. Thanks to its rotatable hooks and the light design, the evo_FRAME effortlessly adapts to the respective conditions during surgery everyday processes.

Optimal adaption to the anatomical shape

  • High Stability
  • 3D Adjustment
  • Self-retaining

Perfect locking mechanism of the joints

  • Patented
  • No Movement
  • Easy Fixation

Highest flexibiliy

  • Hooks rotatable
  • Hooks made out of Titanium in Implant Quality
  • Medical Grade

Safe fixation of the silicon chain

  • Very strong silicon chain
  • Manually adjustable