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Surgical and examination lights

Highly developed surgical and examination lights

The evo_LIGHT generation has been optimized for medical applications. Surgeons can operate the lights from within the sterile field. The Monocoque housing technology optimally addresses issues such as hygiene, laminar flow and heat management.

Wireless Control

Today’s operating room lights no longer require inconvenient cabling. An app and a tablet is all it takes to easily control the light field and light intensity, as well as the integrated camera.

The unique control of light intensity and light field diameter in one inte- grated sterile handle offers a high level of control for the surgeon at the operating table.  

Highest hygiene Standards 

The innovative and unique manufacturing method of the lamp housing milled out of a solid piece of aluminium offers a surface without holes and screws. These foundation form the ideal basis for perfect cleaning and hygiene.

Service access

State of the art service access. Screwless service access with a magnetic locking mechanism to the LED control board. Clean and hygienic surface and perfect working conditions for the technical staff.

Designed, developed and exclusively made in Germany.
The »Monocoque« lamp housing is milled out of a solid piece of aluminium.

Advantages of this construction:

  • Safety
  • Stability
  • Laminar Flow
  • Extremely rigid
  • Engineered for functionality and superior handling 

One handle – three functions

Easy single-handed control for 

  • Light field size
  • Light intensity
  • Positioning