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Skull Implant

The mission of evo_SHAPE is to ensure the maximum protection and the best aesthetic and functional results for the patient, using the most advanced technologies and materials providing a valid support to the Neurosurgeon. 

evonos Patient Specific Implants are generated from CT data for excellent reconstructive results. The implants guarantee a perfect mechanical protection for the brain. Thanks to a careful design and the latest technologies in development and production, evonos today is able to reconstruct bone defects with a perfect profile, giving the implant both the aesthetic look and feel and the protective functionality.

The evo_SHAPE prosthesis realizes the maximum mechanical protection of the underlying soft tissue, less risks of infection and no exothermic reaction. The excellent results achieved by the implantation of the evo_SHAPE prosthesis and the continuous improvement of the technique are due to a specific know how accumulated over years in cooperation with surgeons and radiologists. With the implantation of some hundreds of the prosthesis in many neurosurgical centers the quality and expertise of evo_SHAPE could be prooven with outstanding results.

Thanks to the continuous research on materials and techniques, used in the reconstruction of the skull bone, as well as to the advanced study of computer science applied to the medical field, evonos is now able to ensure:

Each custom-made prosthesis is made of polyetheretherketon (PEEK). This material is chosen and used on the basis of compliance with specific technical standards. PEEK is a material in solid state, successfully used for many years for the correction of cranial and maxillofacial defects. It is therefore a most biocompatible material that reduces the risk of inflammatory reactions, thanks to the polymerisation of the PEEK before surgery. evonos and Biocad privileges the use of this material for its high degree of biocompatibility with human tissues, its consistency and, at the same time, its flexibility, which also facilitates the work of the surgeon during the operation. The ductility of the material allows the surgeon to drill the prosthesis in situ, depending on the needs and the specific case, and, if necessary, to shape it to the individual requirements.

evo_SHAPE implants are quickly delivered – typically 10 days after reception of CT-scan data at evonos. In emergency cases the delivery time can be reduced to 7 days only.

Six steps to get your perfect implant

  1. Create CT-Scan of patient
  2. Send order form and CT-scans to evonos
  3. evonos sends the offer and the design proposal of the implant to the surgeon
  4. Examination and possible amendment of the proposal
  5. Approval of the design by the surgeon
  6. Production and delivery of the sterile implant

The design proposal will be sent in digital files. Optionally, a real 3D model can be sent to the surgeon by courier.